Josie, 18, Argentina - There's a lot going on here i can't even tell what this is anymore.


people’s favorite characters usually reflect their personality or what kind of personality they admire

then you look at the cute innocent person whose favorite characters are all coldhearted murderers and it’s like





Batman: The Animated Series

This is one criminally underrated Batman villain.

This. This episode fucked me up as a child, because it was the first time I’d seen my pain in the eyes of a sympathetic (if criminal) character.

There I am…
But it’s not really real, Is it?
Just made up and pretend like my family and my life and everything else.
Why couldn’t you just let me make believe?

I cried for an hour after seeing this the first time, as a scared little trans girl who suddenly had the world snapped into horribly real focus for a few minutes by a damn cartoon.

Baby Doll will always be my favorite Batman villain.